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Forgive the brevity of this blog entry, I will write at length over the holidays.


This last month I have attempted to clear my massive back log of commitments and it has taken me everywhere from Seattle to Inverness and on some bases with no access to the outside world whatsoever. Initially I always feel bereft yet within a few days the radio silence brings with it a tranquillity and rare time to collect your own thoughts.


I want to say a very special Happy Christmas to the Boys in Alpha Spetsnaz Alpha Groups Moscow and Khabarovsk. The current political climate may have prevented us getting together this year but I want you all to know that at ground level all we Boys are on the same side.


Kenny, Stan, Bill and Mad Dog Pete in Afghanistan, the bottle of Talisker sits in my drinks cabinet ready for your safe return; stay cool, stay safe Boys.


I want to remember Hiroshi Sato, a great loss to his family, friends and the world of SAR: I salute you Hiroshi you lived in great deeds.


Lastly a very Happy Christmas to all my readers, the contact I have enjoyed with many of you has been an absolute joy: thank you.

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  1. Steve says:

    Happy Christmas Lyle

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