Jan 13, 2012 | Lyle | Blog | 0

Collecting my hire car from Charles  de Gaulle Airport I was surprised to be informed by the sales person that although my car had an inbuilt satnav, as per my request, the advance speed camera warning had been disabled.


There are two schools of argument for and against advanced warning of speed cameras using in-car satnav technology: one that it enhances safety and the other that it simply creates speed-safe bubbles.


The French government believe that only bubbles are created so they have outlawed units solely sold to warn of speed cameras, such as those made by Inforad and made it illegal to use the feature on a satnav. Policing the latter is more difficult and requires a traffic officer to examine the satnav however as always the French have been crafty.


All car hire firms in France require a license to operate and part of their agreement is to comply with government initiatives: hence my car’s satnav file containing the location of cameras actually deleted.


This just meant that my journey into Paris was still as dangerous as I travelled at the autoroute speed limit of 130kph many cars still over took me, so maybe the French have simply removed their safe bubbles!

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