Feb 3, 2012 | Lyle | Blog | 0

This weekend my mountain rescue team are off to the Cairngorm for their annual winter training, always includes a few good beers on Saturday night, but I am getting ready for my next big trip, States side, plus have an operating manual to finish to take with me!


As a team we train weekly, with about 4 weekends dedicated in addition per year, plus live training, as in call-outs! If you train for something you are always better prepared. I remember having a chat with my fellow team member and good buddy, Scott Amos, who is also a Fire Officer, that in the event of a fire, all things being equal between us, same kit etc., he is the more likely to survive – FACT.


Stunning sunshine and possibly snow forecast for the Southern Uplands, so a walk planned for tomorrow over towards Megget Water with Judy, then Sunday packing for another trip.

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