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GNSS Tracker
« on: October 03, 2014, 03:36:31 PM »
Just culled from the latest IAOPA Europe E News letter.  Whilst not land navigation it still may be of interest.

AOPA Russia's new Tracker
This summer AOPA-Russia has introduced a new software service for the Russian aviation community – AOPA-Tracker.
Satellite tracking devices such as SPOT or Delorme InReach are already used by thousands of pilots worldwide. These trackers can provide much-needed help when the pilot is able to press the ‘SOS’ button, but they lack automatic alerting capability for when the pilot can’t press the button or the device becomes inoperative because of an accident.
Russia, with its vast territory and lack of adequate SAR services, needs the very best alerting system, which AOPA-Tracker provides. With AOPA-Tracker, flight progress is monitored and rescue procedures is activated when necessary, even if the pilot is unable to call for help.

AOPA-Tracker monitors flights by logging moving tracking points, and expects an ‘OK’ message to be received after a successful landing. If the tracking points disappear, or are transmitted repeatedly from a single location, AOPA-Tracker first attempts to notify the pilot by sending an SMS message to a mobile phone. The pilot can reset the warning by replying by SMS, clicking on a web link or sending an ‘OK’ message from the satellite tracker. If that does not happen, in 20 minutes SMS messages will be sent to emergency contacts.

The service is currently free for anyone to use. AOPA-Russia membership is not required. The service and all messages are Russian-language only. If you want to try the service and are ready to deal with Cyrillic letters, check it out at (you may also try google translate at