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Satnav (GPS GLONASS COMPASS Galileo) / Garmin eTrex H - hey presto
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:35:25 PM »
I bought my first handheld Sat Nav receiver, the eTrex H, towards the end of 2012. I chose this unit because of the wealth of related information available both here on the forum and within the videos on the website, which got me up to speed with its basic use, and how it can supplement my map and compass.
Following on from this, I’ve recently worked through the “Satellite Navigation” article, originally part of a series Lyle wrote for Trail Magazine (now available within the Resource Centre on the website), which walks you through how best to set up and use the eTrex H. It’s taught me new things and provided an opportunity to revisit and reinforce what I’d already learned, but all in one article. I went out and about over the course of a few days (and several dog walks) practicing in turn each of the techniques described, before moving back indoors, and on to something new in the last section of the article, “Technique 6 – Using Google Earth”. Having created fresh waypoints and routes, and recorded several tracks over the previous few days, I was looking forward to the “hey presto” moment Lyle refers to, with a visual representation of all this data. Alas, or rather "AAARRRGGGHHH!", I simply can’t get the eTrex to communicate with Google Earth.Upon clicking “Import”, the following message is briefly displayed:
Importing Data from “COM4”. This may take a few minutes. Click Cancel to stop.
Followed by:
Could not find the device garmin. Restart the device, check the connections and try again.
This may be an issue with the connectivity hardware I’m using, but Garmin’s “WebUpdater” software DOES recognise the unit (some of the time) when connected in the same manner. So, I’m going wrong somewhere, but can’t nail it down. Can anybody suggest a fix?

I am using:
PC running Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (64-bit) Service Pack 2 (No Serial Port on PC)
Garmin eTrex H (Software Version 3.50)
Garmin PC Interface Cable (with Serial Port Connector - brand new and appears very well manufactured)
USB-to-Serial Converter (Manufacturer “ATEN”, model number UC-232A – also new and seems very well made) packaged with CD containing driver software for various operating systems. Have installed driver for Windows Vista 64-bit (tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times)

NB, “ATEN USB to Serial Bridge (COM4)” shows up in Device Manager, but there’s no sign of “Garmin Device” or similar.
I’ve tried powering up the eTrex both before connecting to USB, and after, and have uninstalled Google Earth, and reinstalled the latest version (

I would be very grateful for any advice or suggestions forum members can provide.

New Member Introductions / Greetings from Tyneside
« on: November 13, 2012, 07:00:52 PM »
Just a few words to say hello and to introduce myself. My name is Simon and I live in a small village just south of Newcastle (UK). I have only basic navigational (map and compass) skills and limited experience, originally gained as a lad in the Scouts (knowledge which had long since gone rusty!), and refreshed earlier this year by completing a “Map Reading and Country Walking” course, held over a series of evening classes. With a rekindled enthusiasm, and a wife who thinks I’ve become a terrible bore, I’d like to learn more so recently bought a copy of Lyle’s book and was subsequently directed to this forum. Having never joined an online forum I was a little apprehensive, but after spending the last few weeks dipping in and out of the valuable content posted by members, I thought I’d take the plunge. Great forum, great website, great book.

Hope I find you all well.


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