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Lyle Brotherton:
This is not a Nationalistic statement, something even more extraordinary, this weekend only, there is free entry to most major of historic sites in Scotland.

Simply register on the Historic Scotland ticket site and you'll be emailed a pass. It'll allow two adults and up to three children free entry, and the one voucher is valid for all of the historic sites.

Edinburgh Castle - usually 14
Stirling Castle - 13
Urquhart Castles - 7.20
Fort George - 6.90
Skara Brae - 5.90
Linlithgow Palace - 5.50

So this weekend we are going to visit Stirling Castle Saturday, stay over and on Sunday, depending upon the cloud cover (all my Scottish summits are in cloud), nearby there is a 22km walk we plan to do over Sgiath Chuil (921m) and Meall Glas (959) from Glen Lochay.

Alan Breck:

--- Quote ---Sgiath Chuil (921m) and Meall Glas (959) from Glen Lochay.
--- End quote ---

The best of luck for the weekend. Not quite such a bog fest from that end. Personally I think that I might open a nice bottle of red & wait until MWIS says it's safe to go out. ;)


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