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Lyle Brotherton:
Just before I venture off again tomorrow - only Yorkshire this time - I thought it would be good to poll opinion for a few subject headers I have been thinking of:

Training tips - I have had quite a few emails from folk asking about different ways of delivering nav training, from groups as diverse as Cub Packs to Gold DofE and I know that some of you guys will have some great experience to bring to this too.

Trips - not as in slips and falls but journeys that we all make, from a day on a Munro to a mini-expedition.

I will create these if you like plus any other suggestions please.

Right, rucksack to pack!


Thats sounds a plan Lyle and give my best to gods own county Yorkshire :D Two types of folk,those from Yorkshire and those who wish they were 8)

Lyle Brotherton:
Visiting your wonderful county tomorrow to give a presentation - Black Sheep beer on the menu afterwards me thinks ::)

I often meet an old guy, called Tom, aged 72, climbing up the mountain behind my house, and we stop and blether. One time I had been telling him about my recent travels and how I longed to be at home and he replied, very earnestly "A day away from Hawick is a day lost forever!"

How about tales of epics or navigation gone wrong?
We learn from our and others mistakes, so lets share stories.


Lyle Brotherton:
Malcolm, I could write a book about the times I have gone wrong :o

Great topic will add to the list, this one should put some smileson all of our faces ;)


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