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Anquet Outdoor Map Navigator -Review
« on: April 05, 2012, 03:16:35 PM »
As you may know, Anquet have a new product called Outdoor Map Navigator .
I have used V6 for quite a few years and have been happy with it. I thought Id have a look at the new version, so downloaded a trial. On first impressions, new Ribbon interface aside (which I like), its pretty similar to the V6. No 3D maps feature in the trial, you have to upgrade to the Pro version.

I intended to say with version 6, but in the end succumbed to the Pro version, as I fancied the idea of being able to use my 1:25,000 maps on my Android phone. The Android App is due for release in Spring along with the iPhone. The purchase of a Garmin 62s swung it as well, as I wanted to ensure the data transfer would work ok

The Cloud feature is very useful. You can sync maps and routes between various devices including PCs . This means I can view my maps at work and practise interpreting contour lines while at lunch (ahem) and plot routes etc, then sync to the Cloud server, so they are available on my home pc. All works well so far.

Converting all your old maps is straightforward, and they will still work on V6 as well.

Route transfer to Garmin 62s is very fast and easy, once you know which directory to point Anquet at: Garmin\GPX\Nav

I tend to have one database based on area, with multiple routes below this. So far, no problems in sending these across, but I have not got that many routes set up yet. Max of 3 under one database.

The 3D side of things is similar to version 6. I have found the Look Down and Look Up views slower to refresh than V6, but the other views are faster. I have mentioned this to Anquet, along with the fact that you cannot seem to set Alerts on Waypoints correctly. No reply yet but I only submitted this today. (5-4-12). Ill keep you posted if resolved.

I run this on Vista at work and Windows 7 at home. I had trouble installing on the work Vista PC. The download failed and I got a 'file corrupt' message. This turned out to be our firewall (ISA server). Altering the settings in my web browser, so it bypassed the Proxy server solved the issue.

If you are unlikely to use the Cloud and are happy with V6, then it may not be worth upgrading, but if you do, get in now while they have the offers on.