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It's probably a bit passe nowadays but my son has concluded that he wants to undertake this challenge and it seems my lot is to accompany him!

Neither of us could really afford the time to walk it in one go (~3 weeks) (nor are fit enough to run it over 2.5 days like the record holder! :o) so are looking to split the route up into 3-4 chunks.

We have just started looking at the planning and there is an awful lot to do (the nav, kit, accomodation, travel to-from intermediate points etc).

It strikes me, however, that so many people have already done this that there must be already existing plans that, if people are prepared to share them, would save us an awful lot of time! I have done some internet trawling (and bought the new, official PW handbook) but it's very time consuming too.

So..if anyone on here has any info, advice, hints/tips they are prepared to share it would be very welcome!

thanks in advance.

Hi Steve,

I have just checked on the wikiloc forum, and apparently one of the (about 500K) users has walked the Pennine way in september last year. He recorded the GPS track of each of his 17 stages, and added the waypoints from the Pennine Way Trailblazer guide to each of them.

For your convenience, I have copied the 17 links to those tracks here-below. You can view them by clicking each link, but you must be a signed-in wikiloc user in order to download the files with track & waypoints. If you do not want to register (which is free, of course), I can download them for you. Just let me know.

Best regards and good luck with your preps !


Wow, thanks Chris!

I have never heard of wikilocs to be honest. Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to seek out and provide the links (also the offer to download)!

One of the biggest challenges I'm finding is nothing to do with navigation or route planning as such but more the logistics of it all (i.e. as we plan to do this in several chunks, where to start/stop each leg so there is either local accomodation or there is access to transport (ideally the rail network) that fits with our time available.

It's interesting to see the daily terminal points this person used - I'm guessing the logic was to stop in the vicinity of a road - one ends where the track crosses the M62! Perhaps someone volunteered to drop off for/collect after each leg? They definitely don't coincide with what I have seen used so far (ie stopping where accomodation is eg Youth Hostels). I'll check them out more throughly and use what I find in my decision making. If I decide to download then I will sign-up to the Forum.

500k have done the PW eh? Well, it's not my idea by my son's so I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do etc!  ::)

Thanks again for your help and best wishes.

Hugh Westacott:

When planning long-distance walks, I've found invaluable. It lists all public transport services in Great Britain and has a journey planner function. I'm often surprised how extensive bus services are.

I've walked the Pennine Way six times but the last occasion was thirty years ago (I remember hearing the news that the Argentinians had surrendered when I was near Lothersdale) so I'm unable to help with up to date information.

There were sections (especially Kinder, Bleaklow and the Cheviots) that crossed miles of horrendous bogs, but I'm told that the condition of the path has been greatly improved since I last walked it and is now fit for cissies!



--- Quote from: Batesy on August 07, 2012, 09:21:30 PM ---500k have done the PW eh? Well, it's not my idea by my son's so I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do etc!  ::)

--- End quote ---

Oops no, what I meant is that there are 500K members on the wikiloc forum...

Best regards,


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