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Farewell, Sara


A couple of months ago, the residents of our county voted down a levy that would have funded our sheriff's office at what was even then an inadequate level. 

Most of our county employees, including most of our prosecutors, sheriff's deputies and the sheriff office's staff have been terminated.

Our Emeregency Services Coordinator, Sara Rubrecht, was guaranteed a final year but nothing thereafter.  For personal reasons she needed more job security than that . . . and so took a job in a neighboring county.

Sara was unbelievably good, and having worked closely with her for 4 years or so, I came to appreciate her as the very best in the state, and, I'd wager, in the entire west.  Frankly, mere words are inadequate to describe her and what she's been able to accomplish.

Suffice it to say that in her 12 years as our county's Emergency Services Coordinator, she took our embarrassingly ramshackle gaggle of individuals and built it into a highly competent unit of unpaid professionals.  She created an organization that became a model of what SAR should be, and it was largely through her efforts that a consortium of 9 adjacent counties became an effective cooperative unit.

In 2010, Sara was presented by the Oregon State Sheriff's Association with their "Search and Rescue Coordinator of the Year Award," which she richly deserved.

I hope we can exist without her, but I'm not sure that we can.  She was special.

Here's a tribute to her.  It captures much of what Sara is.

Farewell, Sara.  If you ever need us, we're here.

Lyle Brotherton:
Our police forces too are having to make such deep cuts that it is undermining their operational efficacy; I know this first-hand, and our domestic economy daily slips further into the abyss.

Yet over the last two weeks I have watched Rome burn: the Euro is beyond repair, yet we flag wave and spend 11 billion to boost our morale and show the world what we can do; it will come back to haunt us all.

Sad times Brian, and the loss to you of a tremendous colleague and team asset.

I'm lost for words. Just another sign of the global incompetence at leadership level that is conveniently labelled "recession". Sorry to hear this news Brian.

Difficult times for us all Lyle and Brian, sorry to hear about the disruption to your team, let's hope that this is all it is.

Thanks, guys.  These really are tough times.

We've just had a tragedy  a lady's death to which the near non-existence of county resources might or might not have contributed (we'll never know for sure we don't know how an alternative history would have played out). 

Here's a (lengthy) story in a Medford newspaper which reveals how time-critical missions can be delayed, and how confusing things can get, when a county lacks the resources necessary for a quick response.


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