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Striding Edge


Pete McK:
Looking to go over to wasdale to do the Ridge either Saturday or Sunday, anyone want to join me?

Pete McK:
Lots of snow here and another walk to Striding Edge - hope our micronav skills are up to scratch ;)
Will post photos on our return.

Lyle Brotherton:
Snow here too and we are going to go up Ruberslaw (424m) behind our house.

Striding Edge Pete watch out for cornices, the wind can fair rip across the top, usually westerly but check mountain weather forecast, creating some big cornices lee-side, plus take a shelter. Stu Johnstone introduced me to one he was developing, sadly never came to market, that had an adjustable vent and folded out of your rucksack, so you sat on your rucksack and the shelter pulled over you with room for two people.

Give me a shout next time please Pete ;)

Did you manage to get some good photos?


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