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All Roads Lead Home on BBC2 - 8pm Wed 5th October 2011


Hi all,

Navigation programme starting on BBC2 tonight:

All Roads Lead Home - Episode 1
1/3. Sue Perkins takes charge in Cornwall, visiting Bodmin Moor to Cape Cornwall.

Sue Perkins, Alison Steadman and Stephen Mangan use a new form of navigation, Natural Navigation, in order to learn more about the UK and the areas that mean something to them.

I watched most of this last night (episode 3).

Some of it was quite interesting, like finding south from a tree stump. Apparently the centre core of the tree will move nearer to the sun (south) and when you look at the stump you should be able to see this by looking at the rings. They did add the cavet, that this wouldn't work in woodland as all the trees are competing for the light.

Another one was, spiders webs tend to be on the NE side of hedges/buildings as it is more sheltered.


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