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This weekend I am away doing a Medic course

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Well done Adi, you deserve it :)

It would be really interesting to hear how you get on this weekend, I am sure this type of medicine will be of great interest to many of the forum members. Have a good one ;)

I hope to get some photos if it is aloud and I get time but I will write about it on my return.


--- Quote from: adi on September 28, 2012, 03:37:12 PM ---This weekend I am doing the ECP medic course.  This course is recognised and signed off by the Liverpool School for Tropical Medicine.

--- End quote ---

Did you get your certificate Adi? If you have I've got this little problem I'd like you to take a look at - not really sure where I picked it up from but 'Dettol' didn't clear it up.  ;)


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