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So much on your doorstep in Scotland


Lyle Brotherton:
No rain, light winds, escaping to the Cairngorms with a night in Aberfeldy planned - great curry house there too :)

I will try and imagine that. pfff.

Lyle Brotherton:
Both were good Ivo :)

Beer was a local brew, and the curry followed the same format as always: pile into restaurant, order several Cobra beers, poppadum’s and the pickle tray, then all study the menu and then order what you always eat, a mixed kebab followed by a chicken jhalfreizi with naan and sag aloo for me.

Weather has turned decidedly Scottish for me, so after a large mug of tea and putting on waterproofs it’s off to brave the elements, which, when we are on the hill will seem a good idea – I think!

When I was in Holland I did not see what we in the UK call curry houses, instead lots of Indonesian restaurants, which seemed a little more civilised than our curry houses at 2300hrs on a Saturday night.


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