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Ben Cruachan

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Lyle Brotherton:
Tomorrow I am off to work in the Ben Cruachan area. The Ben is one of the most magnificent Munros of the Southern Highlands, with a pointed peak (1126m) that towers above its rocky satellites giving great views to Loch Awe and Loch Etive. I am going to try using my Samsung Galaxy S3, both for photography and navigating, using the Anquet Mapping new Android application with pre-loaede 1:25 000 High Definition Ordnance survey maps.

Sounds interesting, specially how long the batterij will hold.

Pete McK:
The forecast for the west coast is wet, have you a case for the Galaxy S3, plus have you downloaded maps onto the unit or going to rely on your internet connection?

Lyle Brotherton:
Just making last minute checks that I have all the waterproof gear I need.

No Pete I had not packed a case for the S3, I have a small general purpose Aquapack which I will place it in. As regards to mapping I have both downloaded maps from Anquet and their new Android app, plus I am going to see how well the unit copes with using Google Earth.

As comparators I am taking the Garmin Fēnix and my trusty GPSMAP 62s, the latter has Discoverer 1:50 000 GB installed.

On the Fēnix, using the free software Basecamp from Garmin, I have downloaded a GPX file that somebody has made of the route to Ben Cruachan taking the popular horseshoe route, taking in Stob Diamh, from the Walking Highlands website

I intend to record precisely the 10 figure grid references for specific locations to compare TTFF (Time To First Fix) and accuracy with all three units. The dam wall will have very accurately surveyed points, usually designated by a yellow plastic triangle, which Scottish Water engineers will use when assessing the structural integrity of the dam and I intend to try and obtain these from this authority.

How will you check the grid of the benchmarks Lyle (The little yellow triangles)? They only appear on 1:2500, 1:1250 and 1:500 mapping.   Ah ok read your post in fall before posting - you will check with the authority. lol


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