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AQUAPAC Waterproof iPhone Case


Pete McK:
I managed to secure one of these on Ebay, for 14 delivered, and tested it this weekend. The case is constructed of a really strong soft plastic, and it is completely waterproof, plus you can make calls on your iPhone whilst it is inside the case, clearly hear what the other party is saying, and use the other functions on your iPhone, like texting or the in-built satnav. A great item.

I was picking up some running gear from Sports Direct the other day when I saw this..

For just under 7 I thought it was worth a punt for my iPhone.

So far so good. The case is soft but seemingly tough plastic, you can use the touch screen through it and make calls. I've not braved submerging the case with the phone inside it but I have used it in rain (admittedly only briefly and light) and the phone survived unscathed. I did submerge the empty case (in the sink!) and it didn't leak... but I accept that's perhaps not a definitive test!

The case seals by using 2 wheels/cogs along the top which causes the hard plastic bar to bite the soft case together. There's also a lanyard attached so you can attach it or carry it round your neck etc (although it may be wise to replace this with paracord a la Lyle's recommendations!  ;) ).

Will post an update if I encounter any issues.

Batsey, great price and not paying for the Aquapac name, ordered one this morning, thanks.

Pete McK:
8 months of continuous use and mine is still running strong although the clips do sometimes come out when you are opening and closing it.


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