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New Tech Could Reduce First Responder Risk


I am note sure what this offers SAR teams over using standard Satnav units But still an interesting snippet of news

In the same vein, but far less dramatic, we have been creating our personalised map for the centre, of the areas we work in, using our little Etrexs to record everything from fox sets (for the kids to watch the cubs), to dangerous walls, in need of repair, and to be avoided being near with groups.

captain paranoia:
More use to Fire & Emergency Rescue teams than SAR, I think, especially the auto-mapping of buildings.  I assume the MIT thing is LIDAR-based, judging by the image it presented.  It may just be a scene-interpreting camera, though (i.e. a conventional video camera using image processing to interpret the scene into a 3D model).

"You are in a maze of twisty passages, all different..."

Cool Callum, I must come up and see you one day. Now I know you have a fox den on site I will bring the camera. Hopefully time it for when there are cubs at it.

I hadn't picked up on the fact that it LIDAR to draw the solid structures as well. That is cool.

I watch one of those LIDAR mapping units used to mad an old mine in Wales. I was amazed at the speed and accuracy of the thing. One you had the date you could drop digital images over it for a realistic 3D seen. 


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