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Because of the success of the flight radar I thought I would post up this link.

I often use this for work when we are tracking container ships with our orders on board.

It's also fun watching survey vessels going backwards and forwards in a search pattern - see, easily pleased me ;)

I recently watched the 'Odyssey Explorer' searching in the Irish Sea just after they annouced finding the SS Gairsoppa which had a cargo of silver. I think they have also found another ship in the area with more silver on board - SS Mantola.


Ah we are all so easily pleased!

All the worlds postal systems use dummy letters and sometimes put GPS trackers in mail to track the mail through the postal system to find bottlenecks. Royal mail gave one to Top Gear so Jeremy could chase a letter across the country. That would be interesting to watch on line!

Deep boots Pete....

Try this site for the ISS

Durring the winter, wrap up warm and go and lay in the garden and watch the sky's any bright fast moving object up high up in the sky is a satellite.

If you have an iPhone or iPad you can down load an app called Star Walk and you can track the ISS and all the Satellites as well as see what stars you can see. It is a great app.


if you are on Android then its called Sky Map


Another one you can try is

If you complete the configuration bit - really easy just select your location from the map. Then from the satelites section click on ISS. It will give you a list of dates it will pass by your location.

You can also print out a star map to help you find it.


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