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Christmas Present 2012


Lyle Brotherton:

This forum has worked out better than I could ever have imagined and I personally have learned loads from everybody’s brilliant postings, from Hugh’s Channel Island Grid system to Adi’s fire lighting techniques and I just want to say thank you to everyone for creating such a friendly, informative and I like to believe useful resource.

To this end I have spoken with Scott Amos, my business partner and friend, if I can offer a substantial discount off the navigational tools we sell on our website at

To thank you I would like to give you 20% off all purchases from now till Christmas Day.

I am off to work in the USA next week (15-24 Dec), so if you simply apply the Coupon Code at Checkout by entering XMASGIFT

You can use the coupon as many times as you like until the 25th of December.


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