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Christmas 2012

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Traditional mountain bike ride, over a designated track across the fells, followed by a hot shower, lots of mud and heavy rain here, then down to the local pub, where the landlord puts on a great Christmas Eve buffet, has a log fire and serves great hand-pulled pints of Black Sheep Bitter.

Happy Christmas everyone :)

Lost Soul:
Sounds wonderful.  Enjoy.

Also happy christmas to all.


Just back from a couple of hours Nordic walking in the very muddy local woods. Sky's as black as night but it's actually stopped raining.
After a soak in the bath we'll be chilling out with an Italian and some nice wine tonight.
Then it's all go for the turkey fest tomorrow.  :)

Have a good Christmas everyone.

Cheers  Bob

Lyle Brotherton:
Egg & Cal, your days sounded terricf. I too had a real day of adventure, just having returned from working in the States. The toilet seat needed fixing, the kitchen tap that has dripped for 6 months, 2 ceiling lights needed replacing that require caving into the attic and then a trip to ASDA Galashiels, where the rest of Scotland were stocking up for when we go over the Fiscal Cliff :)

Judy has our home looking beautiful and I have that great male security thing satisfied with a fridge full of food!

Happy Christmas to each and every one of you, I hope you all enjoy a great holiday.

PS Barry G If you can spend all of your Christmas working on satnav accuracy in NE America please ;)

Pete McK:
Managed to make it, despite the travel chaos caused by the torrential rain, to the south-west. Long walks along the cliffs tops of North Devon to walk off my hangover(s), which begin tonight in a pub serving scrumpy ::)

Happy Christmas everybody :) :) :)


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