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Obergurgl - Austrian Apls - Tyrol


Paul Hitchen:
I am off skiing to Obergurgl with my wife, 22 year old son and his girlfriend. She has never been to the Alps, Mountains or skied before and I can't wait to introduce her to the magnificence of the Mountains! 

As I bounced about with excitement packing I said to my wife that I'd have to find some way of making a living in the hills.

'Maybe there will be an advert in the Obergurgl Post office for a part time Yeti' I joked.  Her reply was harsh bit true. Without looking up from packing she said -

'Well your back is hairy enough'.

Ouch. Truth hurts.

Lyle Brotherton:
Paul, many thanks, I appreciate your help.

A couple of useful numbers for you in Obergurgl:

Mountain Rescue 140 (Direct is  Mountain Rescue Obergurgl-Hochgurgl T +43 (0) 5256 6236 Team Leader Jurgen Hoest, great guy)

Ambulance 144

Have a great holiday :)

Paul Hitchen:

Is there ANYONE in SAR you don't know ! ! !  ;D

You missed one major contact detail though - what pub does he drink in  !  Standard MR coordinates - mobile, email, local. 


Pete McK:
We are just back Paul :( and the snow was fantastic, have a good holiday :)


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