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It's here:

I am fortunate to own an iPhone. However, the vast majority of youngsters (11-18) who visit our outdoor centre cannot afford these handsets and instead use the less costly Android handsets. According to research by IDC, there were four Android handsets sold for every iPhone in 2012. I suspect that at the meeting convened to decide which app to develop first was attended by OS executives all with their iPads and iPhones displayed on the table in front of them ;)

Barry G:
Callum, money speaks the loudest and I'm sure the loudest voice is Apple's! With the release of iphone 5 Apple is cleaning up here in the USA over the other smart phones.

am really wondering how the Outdoor GPS market and Mobile Phone GPS / Maps market will come together. If my phone would be more outdoor use proof and we had maps lake that...who needs the garmin etrex. It will be a matter of time before software makers have copied the functionality of such devices in to the OS of the phones.

Barry G:
Your correct Ivo, but only if the market ( us ) demands it. My best friends son is a software designer for Apple and he says your head would spin if you knew what they are thinking of for the future. Oh, the future is not much further out than five years.



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