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Hugh Westacott:
I've almost completed the text of the 5th edition of The Walker's Handbook . I've received much help and advice, especially from Lyle and Captain Paranoia.

As with many authors, there are gaps in my knowledge which I've had to fill from other sources. There is one chapter, Safety, hazards, the weather and mountain rescue, that is way outside my comfort zone. I've uploaded it to my website so that it can be read, crticized and commented upon by others more knowledgeable than me.

I should be most grateful if any members of this forum  could spare the time to have a look at it and be ruthless in their reponses! All help given will be acknowledged in the book.

You will find the Contents, Introduction and the chapter on safety at's_Handbook

My email address is <>



If the link in Hugh's post does not work (depending on your browser), try this one:

Best regards,

Hugh, do you want to try the link again? I am happy to cast my eye over it when you have  :)

Hugh Westacott:
Thank you for your interest, Callum!

I'm a bit puzzled because I've just tested my original link, and the one kindly suggested by Chris, and they both seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?


Hugh, I did not read down to Chris's link, it works fine.


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