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Snowdon in winter conditions

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Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team in action on Snowdon in winter conditions on 21st March 2013.

That's a great video.  Hope it gets lots of views.

Lost Soul:
Thanks Adi, agree with Hobbo.

Lyle Brotherton:
Terrific video Adi and so on the button - having the right kit and the right winter skills and watching the Westland Sea King descend in the background belies the skill of the pilot and winchman who as a team make its approach look so smooth considering they are in a bus that is over 40 years old and flying into a headwind at well over half the maximum speed of the aircraft, effectively landing on a pin whilst moving at 70mph total respect.

I was speaking with Duncan, Senior RAF Winchman, earlier this week who was telling me that the aircrews are so overstretched added to which, because in two years they will no longer be providing the service, are working with a lot of equipment that otherwise would have been renewed or replaced.

Something politicians, of all colours, are really good at, is throwing away skillsets and services that we as a Nation have taken years to build and perfect and believe me, our RAF SAR teams are the envy of the world.

Pete McK:
AWOLNATION - the best!


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