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Flat footed squat
« on: September 20, 2013, 04:01:03 PM »
As some of you know after my lung op I suffered debilitating lower back pain which plagued me for over two years. At its worse it would stop me walking any further than 100 meters. I have been given drugs, physio, sports therapy and even offered aqua-puncture to try and sort my lower back. Nothing seemed to work however a couple of months ago I was encouraged to do the flat footed squat.

We are animals and all animals sit in a squatting position. We have been squatting for millions of years. It was not long ago we started to sit in chairs which screwed up our postures. A flat footed squat stretches all the muscles and tendons in our legs and lower back.  It also tightens up our abdominal muscles. For me it has sorted out my lower back pain and associated issues within the space of a couple of weeks. It will cause some knee pain for a short time but once things start to stretch out that goes.

Again western medical advise seems to be damaging us, it says we should never squat further than 90 degrees. This does not aid our flexing abilities. Another great exercise is to kneel down on the floor and sit on our heels this has much of the same benefits.         

Here is a great explanation of the Flat footed squat. Which is not only beneficial to everyone but also as people in the outdoors who may need to take a crap outdoors from time to time it solves some of the associated dilemmas.   
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