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Easter Sunshine

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Lyle Brotherton:
Stunning sunshine here today and snow still on the mountain tops so a big hill day starting with summiting Skelf Hill (520m) and heading westwards from there.

Happy Easter everyone :)

Lyle Brotherton:
From St Mary's Loch a big yomp over the top and around Megget Water with Bill (my son), the snow pack was so frosted in parts we could we could walk over the top of it, yet in other areas it was waist deep and heavy going.

Adnams Broadside waiting at home for Bill and Black Sheep for me to accompany some local venison for dinner - happy days.

more sun than we have here.

Happy Easter to everyone

Looks magnificent Lyle (Big son, cause I know you are over 6 foot!)

We are caravaning in the Peak District - interesting  ::)

Happy Easter everyone :)

Worked all of Easter, this weekend off and it is p*ssing down in the Lakes  :(


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