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St Andrews

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Lyle, does that make you a teenage mutant ninja turtle? They loved pizza...

Lyle Brotherton:
A great trip as always to this part of Scotland and it reinforced for me that we are bonkers to be taking helicopter SAR out of the military and handing it over to some American private firm. I could give dozens of erstwhile reasons to retain the status quo; the one I had not considered is that when a rescue helicopter is deployed from RAF Kinloss or RAF Valley it frequently brings the respective RAF MRTs with them to assist in the rescue operation and believe me, these teams are the best at what they do.

Delivering training, I always refer to Skills Fade and start all courses with a back-to-basics refresher of best practice. I realise that Skills Fade is synonymous with Memory Fade, as the Indian restaurant we visited was not the Balaka but the Jahangir, and again it was spectacular. My suspicion is that Memory Fade is associated with beer intake  ;)

Barry G:
Lyle, are you saying you think that maybe there's something in beer that does something funny to us?

captain paranoia:
> Lyle, be careful eating some of those spices because some of them can only be eaten by those who have eaten them from childhood.

Remember Barry, that curry is the British National Dish (especially 'Chicken Tikka Masala'), probably now supplanting fish & chips.  We're pretty used to it by now...

And we grow one of the hottest chillis in the world; the Dorset Naga Jolokia:

Born out CP by the fact that our chippy (English word Barry for Fish & Chip shop) some years ago changed, into an Indian take-away :o


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