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Pete McK:
I have seen them advertised @ Field & Trek Cal at 159 including delivery, seems a good price to me :)

Barry G:
Actually, I don't have anything intelligent to add, rather I just wanted to shout HELLO across the pond.

Barry (Alive and well thank God)

Lyle Brotherton:
...and we thank god you are still alive Barry my friend; must be that all that excellent Italian cucina ;)

Cal, Field & Trek was where I bought the boots, thanks Pete and I don't think that you are going to be disappointed with them.

Barry G:
Thanks Lyle, May 7th it'll be 53 years eating that great food and my wish and prayer for all in this forum is you have it as good as I've had it all these years. You guys have no idea what joy your chatter brings to me!!!!!!!!!!!


Lyle Brotherton:
Der  ??? read the instructions. I was cleaning my boot store when I came across the tag that had come with these boots and it read 'The memory foam in these boots moulds to the shape of your foot from the heat of your feet after 5 minutes, so tighten your boots again after this time'. It works  :o


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