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Garmin 62 - UK SD card copy

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Just got a Garmin 62S off my wife for my birthday & I'm already stuck at the 1st hurdle! (OK maybe not 1st - I found the on button OK)

Its come with the full UK 1:50K on a 4Gb SD card - I dont want to use this one "live" & am trying to get it onto a larger card so I can add others too.  I've tried a couple of the obvious things like copying the card to disk & back onto the new 16Gb card both directly in my laptop & also from/to the card in the unit, but It comes up with "cannot unlock maps" when its started up.

I cant see any obvious ways to do this on Basecamp & cant find anything in the help.  If I'd downloaded it, it looks like it would be easier...

Looking further I appear to have fallen for a Garmin marketing trap - i.e they make a big deal of all the things you can have & add - but if you have a 4Gb sim with preloaded UK maps, you dont have much space left for much else - because the map appears tied to the SDcards serial number so thers no way to change it so a little stuck - unless someone knows differently


from a senile, easily conned old man.

Lyle Brotherton:
John, unfortunately you are right. Garmin have dedicated a lot of time to protecting their software and you will not be able to duplicate it. Thought: ask their customer service if you sent them the cards would they copy them onto one?  I don't know if they would but no harm in asking.

Thanks Lyle, I've already asked them if it can either be copied onto larger, or preferably exchanged for downloadable.

It would be nice if they made this clear in the first place.  interstingly, the sheet in with the SD card implies its tied to the unit & not the card, so that seems to be a contradiction

I'm now struggling to work out if I can even have 1:25 & 1:50 on the unit so I can use the best option for where I am/what I've purchased without swapping I just expecting too much?

Depending on the security, you can try to download a program called driveimage, from the company R-TT. This has a trail of 15 days with full functionality. It is used to make forensic copies of harddrives. Now...once you create the image, which you can just write to the Harddrive of your pc, you insert a new, e.g. 8 or 16 GB card and place back the copy. The have to make not as a "data only" but as an exact copy.

Expectation is that the security is related to the hardware properties of the disk and it will not work, but since this only takes 15 minutes, worth trying I would say.


Lost Soul:
John I tried doing what you have being trying with the SD Card maps on my Sap Map Active 10 and had very similar issues with them.  Had to give up in the end.  Now I know that this next piece of info is of little use given that you are talking Garmin here; but for general interest Sat Map do publish some of their cards as dual 25K and 50k.


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