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captain paranoia:
Prompted by another thread, here are some mapping apps for Android devices:

A useful (PC) utility for making map sets for these apps is

Feel free to chip in with any other apps you've found.

OziExplorer for Android devices:

Thx CP and Boogyman, I am keen to try out these different mapping apps when I get my Android:)

I installed the Orux on my tablet. Apparently it's a Spanish app which has full UK 1:50,000 mapping on it, FREE. 8)
The only down side... you need to be online to use it.  :(

Fine in an android phone, so long as you have a signal.

captain paranoia:
OruxMaps will go down to 1:25k OS maps, too.  It doesn't have any maps 'on it', but is able to download maps from all sorts of places, to cover many geographic areas, including Britain.

And it will cache maps locally (e.g. scroll through the mapping of an area you want to travel in, making sure you cover all the route & expected deviations), for use when offline, or it will fetch an area of mapping and save it into a local map file, which can be selected for use in the map menu.

Whilst you do need to be online to get the tiles initially, once they're cached or downloaded to a map file, you do not need to be online.


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