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Is there anything like this for Apples?

captain paranoia:
New thread started for iPad/iOS...

Hello all,

Is there anyone on the forum who has some experience with (or first-hand feedback about) TwoNav on Android?

Since this app is available for iOS and for Android, I will post the question in both threads.


Lost Soul:
OS have just launched this one "OS MapFinder for Android"  Available for free from Google Play Store.  But you have to buy the maps.  25k or 50k in 10km  x 10km tiles at 1.99 and 0.69 per tile respectively.  Once purchased they are down loaded and permanently stored on your gadget.  In respect of a standard size paper 25k maps, 6 tiles will be needed to provide the same coverage.  Which works out at 11.94 equivalent price. Which is not to dissimilar to the laminated versions of the paper products.

Tried it out on an 8 inch Tablet.  The quality is absolutely stunning.  Zooming in to give a x4 magnification still provides stunning results, at this point if you look closely you can just discern the begining's of pixilation.

This App is also available for iPhone and has been for a while now.

Pete McK:
The quality sounds good Lost Soul, but the price, when you scale it up to the likes of ViewRanger, seems a lot. Could you possibly scan an image or let us know the dpi please?


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