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captain paranoia:
A thread for posting mapping apps for the iPad/iPhone.

I'll start with

Feel free to post other suggestions.

Hello all,

Is there anyone on the forum who has some experience with (or first-hand feedback about) TwoNav on iOS?

Since this app is available for iOS and for Android, I will post the question in both threads.


captain paranoia:
GB Grid Converter, by William Denniss

Converts between OSGB and WGS-84, will display on map, if available.

Simple, free.

Fugawi iMap is available for iPhone/iPad and mapping data exists for Sweden, Germany and the US.

- Topo or Satellite views
- Waypoints (with possibility to add pictures)
- Routes
- Export to Facebook
- Export to X-Traverse (Fugawi's cloud service) (For old owners only)
- Import from X-Traverse (For old owners only)

- It is cheap (SEK 999 for the whole of Sweden 1:50000 compared to SEK 5800 for Garmin's Topo maps) It is also possible to buy 1/4 of Sweden for SEK 379. Germany is SEK 189 and US SEK 38. (1 pound sterling = SEK 10,7)
- It supports Swedish grids SWEREF99 and RT90
- It is possible to export waypoints and routes as KML

- It only supports GPX for import
- It only supports import if you have owned version 3.2 or earlier. New owners can only export
- No support for waypoint alerts, if waypoint is outside the screen there is no indicator which direction the waypoint is
- No support for Dropbox / iCloud

Inspite of the limitations it is still the best iOS topo map software for Sweden. For other countries I would look at another app.

Grid Tool is a simple augmented reality map which shows the current grid square and your current grid position overlayed on the camera input.

Hold your iPhone over a map and align the screen's grid with the map's then you see your exact position on the map.

Fun app idea, maybe worth SEK 29 (~GBP 2.7) if you need an app to give you your current position in SWEREF 99 or RT90.


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