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Commander Compass (lite) and the premium Spyglass are augmented reality apps showing a compass overlaid on either the camera video feed or satellite map. Included is reticle markings (Spyglass) letting you have a taste of what Lyle can do with his Steiner Compass binos. 

With Spyglass on Christmas 2013 sale I'd say it's worth the money just for the fun/cool factor, but otherwise it's a lot of money for the tool.

ViewRanger is the only app except Fugawi which supports Swedish topo maps. It also supports Open Street Map and a number of different paid topo maps for different countries.

- Cheap (free) as long as you use Open Street Map or other free maps.
- Supports Dropbox and WiFi syncing
- Better interface than Fugawi

- Only supports UTM WGS84
- Doesn't cover the whole of Sweden


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