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A really interesting article and I guess cartographic spam was inevitable Adi :( The spam in my emails is mainly commercially driven, with less frequent malware emails to try and take over your PC, in other words there is always a motive behind it, but I just can't see why cartographic spam?

captain paranoia:
From a quick look at the website, I think I might be tempted to say that it's an interested article, rather than interesting; it appears to be posted on a commercial, or hoping to be commercial, website for sharing route data.  The 'cartographic spam' being discussed sounds to me rather like raw GPS tracks, rather than deliberate spam.

I think they're trying to promote their own, possibly vetted tracks, over simple route logs.

Anyone who downloads a route GPX and follows it blindly is rather foolish...  Rule 1 of navigation; always engage brain.

Angle of Repose:
I'll stick with my Garmin GPS; but then again, I am old school.
Those dang smart phones cost too much to take them out on the trail (using them in over landing is a different story).

I use a Lifeproof case for my phone when in the field which makes it waterproof and shock proof. And, I have a USB battery pack which can charge my phone 4-6 times.

I have lots of fun apps in the phone such as SkySafari (shows the position of stars/planets), FlightRadar (shows me which aircraft I'm watching), I can see which commercial ships are in the area, I can identify birds / fungae / trees etc.

However, I also have a proper GPS unit which takes AA batteries as a backup or in case of low temperatures as a primary unit due to the iPhone's crappy ability to function when the temperature drops.


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