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captain paranoia:
Can you post details of the field guide apps you use for birds, trees, fungae, etc?

It's always struck me that portable computers would be a great way of implementing field guides (going back to the days of the Psion 3), but it's only now that storage and performance is really making these things possible.  Ideally, an app would guide you through a search tree, helping you to identify the species.  More relevant to trees, flowers, fungae, insects, spiders, etc, than mammals, maybe.  You could get programmes that ran on a PC that were early incarnations of e-books, but they were always sold as programme, and therefore vastly more expensive than a printed book.  Whereas an e-book ought to be cheaper; not print & distribution costs, just data transfer (again, now so quick & cheap).


I'm afraid I use only Swedish apps for those purposes. Krax for birds, Svampguiden for mushrooms and Våra Träd for trees.


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