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Hello from Stockholm, Sweden

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Hi All!

I found this forum after buying Lyle's book which I bought in preparation for a longer hike in the Swedish mountains next year.

I've done my fair share of plotting information on maps in the army and I have used maps when walking about in the woods, but that isn't really the same as having to navigate in the mountains in bad weather. The book has given me useful tips such as the brace position and some insights on timing/pacing and hopefully this forum will prove enlightening too.

Lost Soul:
Welcome krenaud to a very friendly and informative forum that is becoming increasingly international.

Happy Christmas Krenaud and welcome to this terrific forum, where I hop you learn as much as I have :)

Pete McK:
Hi Krenaud and welcome to the best land navigation forum on the net! Lovely country you live in, we have only been to the south so far but intend to explore further north - in  the summer though ;)

Lyle Brotherton:
Hej och Välkommen Krenaud, Pete Mck är korrekt, ditt Land är vackert. Glad jul till dig och din Familj, Lyle:)


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