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With what will undoubtedly be an audible sigh of relief from Mr Brotherton - who I suspect believes I'm stalking him ( pun intended ) - all set up and logged in.  I do apologise to Admin for the hassle in getting thing resolved and thank you for your patience.

I'm Andy, self-employed, working mainly in Deer Management - and deer related training in particular.  I also do what is now termed Bushcraft, but am old enough to remember when it was just called  'being outside'  ;)  and formal training was having read Anthony Greenbank's Survival for Young People!

My current work is really just a natural progression of a life long interest in most things outdoors that's taken me through training as a Geologist, ending up as an Accountant with the DTi to now delivering deer stalker training. It was a convoluted route to an obvious place looking back!

This forum is  a great resource and I hope I can contribute in a meaningful way.

captain paranoia:
>  and formal training was having read Anthony Greenbank's Survival for Young People!

Hi Andy, great book; it kept me entertained when I wasn't running around the woods of the local army training ground...

I've deleted your other account application to 'keep things tidy'...

CP thank you.  Genuine apology for complicating things and thanks for your efforts. Went with this account as seemed the best choice.

It was interesting that Lyle called me ( only to VM ) and felt obliged to defend both the Goatee and Maureen O'Hara  :) - I suspect he has a measure of my sense of humour already!

Lost Soul:
Hi Oakleaf, welcome to a great forum for all things navigational.

Hi Oakleaf - check your junk email folder, I suspect there may be an email from me in there for you ;)

It is strange how we travel through our careers to a final position we could have seen at the beginning if only we had looked hard enough, probably a similar story for you too Oakleaf,

As a kid as soon as I got back from school I was out ranging on the Lakeland Fells and had the benefit of a father who being a hill sheep farmer had taught me much about hill craft and looking back I realise what freedom me and my brother enjoyed, very different for the kids of today, including my own, where parents can be over-protective. The Army seemed a natural choice but the countryside of County Antrim was not a place I roamed free;)

Today, running the centre which gives youngsters, from all walks of life, a chance to challenge themselves in the fells is where I wanted to be at 18, my journey took me 20 years to reach my destination. Maybe there is a need for a career navigation book, any takers?


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