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captain paranoia:
During a recent skiing trip, we played with a couple of ski tracking apps:

Ski Tracks

Ski Pursuit

Both record where you've been, and spit out loads of stats on speed, height, no. of runs, etc. and will display on GoogleMaps or upload to Facebook (if that's your thing...).  Skit Tracks is 69p or 79p, and Ski Pursuit is free (it's a Rossignol-sponsored app).

Lyle Brotherton:
Looks like you had fun CP:)

captain paranoia:
It's quite scary to find out that you've been doing 95-100kph downhill with a couple of planks strapped to your feet...

The SkiTracks app would happily log a day's skiing on a Samsung phone (can't remember the model), which says something for the battery life, processor loading, GPS power, etc.  And all this with the phone stuffed in a jacket pocket.

It would work on my Hudl tablet, too, but I never had the nerve to take it out stuffed in my little MTB rucksack...  Being bigger than a phone, there's more chance of the screen getting cracked due to being bent (leverage, and all that).

I was very glad of the little Decathlon Wed'ze lightweight down jacket that stuffed easily into the bottom of the MTB pack; just the right amount of insulation to cope when it got below -10.

Lyle Brotherton:
Watched some junk TV this week, a guy with massive burners breaking the downhill speed record on a sledge, all a bit dreary and he hit 84mph after many TV scary moments, all a but tame really, personally wouldn't mind having a crack at the 100mph record. Anyone interested in joining me?

Pete McK:
Thank you Captain, our annual ski trip is soon and these apps look great - any Top Tips in using them please?


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