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Hi guys /girls I'm from the East Midlands ..a keen walker but normally stick to well defined routes..maybe having a mid life crisis and want to go off I'm educating myself navigational techniques with books (great book by the way Lyle ) and videos...I am now armed with a extrex h and a suunto compass as well as a mirror one....the next few weekend I will be putting together the training sessions out of the book in known territory..then out into the unknown maybe you will be getting some noob questions from me.

Welcome Sammyh20. And just "shoot" those questions ...

Lost Soul:
Welcome to a great forum, very friendly polite and informative.

Lyle Brotherton:
Fire away Sammy, you will find folk more than willing to help here and you can learn lots from them too; I certainly have :)

Pete McK:
Welcome Sammy, we, Emma my wife and me, did exactly the same as you with Lyle's book, two Etrex Hs' and M3's and have never looked back, other than when using BackSnaps (P141) ;)


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