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Hello Everyone, new to the Forum,


G'day all,

Just a few words to introduce myself. Grew up in the Australian bush, learned map reading as a teenager and school cadet. Practiced on weekends while hiking around the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne.
Being an avid hiker as well as a hunter I've been able to keep my skills alive and I never seem to lose my fascination with maps. Never been truly lost but back in the day before GPS I will admit to being "geographically challenged" a few times.

I never go into unfamiliar territory without a map, my compass (Suunto MC2 Global) and a Garmin eTrex H.

I divide my time between Australia and Sweden so I get to slog about in different types of terrain. Been in Sweden for a few months now for the moose and wild boar season but will soon be heading off down under.


Welcome to the Forum - its quite a friendly place!

You certainly 'globe trot' !

We have all only ever been "geographically challenged" Ausant;) Hi from the Lake district of England.

Welcome from this belgian antipode, Ausant !

Lyle Brotherton:
Welcome Ausant - some of the most challenging nav I have done has been in your beautiful country, especially navigating my way back to Brighton Bay by bike after a day at the Fortune of


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