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Glad to join this forum, an extension of resources that have proved very interesting and usefull.  It all began upon purchasing The Ultimate Navigation Manual, then finding Lyle's very watchable videos on YouTube, followed by purchasing various Navigation tools from ShavenRaspberry. It also led to the purchase of a basic GNSS unit to compliment traditional methods. Lyle's videos proved to be one of my main resource on how to use the functions on that, given the lack of included instructions.

Infact, one of my first questions later on the forum will be about to setting it up for a specific country overseas.


Lost Soul:
Welcome to the best and friendliest of Nav Forums if not of Forums per se.

Hi Locus and welcome :) It is very easy to set up Garmin satnavs for use while abroad, in the setup menu you will see a list of countries and the satnav automatically selects the correct position format. If you get stuck just let me know which model you have.

Cheers for the welcome, Callum.  :)

My question is now in the Satnav (GPS GLONASS COMPASS Galileo) forum.

Welcome to the Forum - I know it sounds like an uglier/ bloke version of Stepford Wives at times; but it really does standout ( for all the right reasons ) from the forum crowd.

I'm sure you will find it a great resource.

Do you have any particular outdoor interests?


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