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The correct way to use walking poles

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Recently I was struck by something - I don't know how to use my walking poles correctly.

Now don't get me wrong, I have been using them for years, especially on downhill descents. However, last week a group of youngsters, all from the same school, came kitted with walking poles and I became conscious that I have had no formal training in using poles, being self-taught, when the kids asked me the correct way to use them. Experience has taught me that when I am self-taught in a subject I invariably am missing something. Can somebody point me in the right direction where I can find comprehensive instructions to use them correctly?

I found this. The changing length for up/down hill makes good sense.

In failing that, it's about choosing a length that's comfortable and knowing when to put them away (you may find it better to keep hands free for scrambling, etc).

captain paranoia:
Peter Clinch usually talks sense on OM, and he has a few pages on poles:

Pete's Pole Pages

Good link, that. One of the closing comments in it rang true from my use of poles.

--- Quote ---Don't be afraid to "mix and match" according to terrain, or just how you feel:

the point is to get weight and stress off your knees, not get hung up on poling techniques.
--- End quote ---

Thanks guys :)

My most common mistake is not always asking the right question :o Pete Clinch’s blog and Adventure Lifestyle Blog both give interesting personal recommendations for the use of walking poles, however, really what I am looking for is a professional body, the likes of MLTUK or a sports university for example, which has researched this subject and developed a set of instructions for their correct use? 


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