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I am a happy user of the Emberlit Ti titanium wood burning stove which packs flat and weighs very little. Today they started a Kickstarter project for a smaller version which also has slots for a Trangia burner called the Emberlit FireAnt.

Kickstarter backers will get the stove at a very good price so if you are looking for a small wood stove, check it out.

I like being able to make small fires to cook some water or food and not leave any traces on the ground. Apart from titanium being light, it is also very fast to cool so when the fire is put out you can pack the stove together within a minute or two.

captain paranoia:
Or you could buy a Honey Stove...

Lyle Brotherton:
A timely thread for me, as I have been ‘intending’ to upgrade my aging Butane gas system for a long time - my periods of ‘intending’ have been known to last for years, especially when it comes to domestic DIY ;)

Any recommendations welcomed :)

So Lyle, gone are the days of living off Garibaldi for weeks on end?  ;)

I don't have one, but by all accounts the Emberlit  is very highly regarded of its type.  Depends on your intention - it is still generally quite hard to beat the convenience of Butane - but doesnt have the green credentials or long term free fuel aspect of things like Emberlit.

Most of my outdoor fire activities are with an open fire - but fairly lucky in terms of the range and type of access I have to places.  In the truck I carry a Wild Wood 'wood gas' stove - the adaptation was a finer mesh in the bottom, wind shield  and a plumbers blow torch mat to protect the ground. With cheap wood pellet animal litter ( zero feeding ) or with broken dry sticks ( limitless free supply ) it is brilliant and very effective.  It is there as a back-up in case of need and for the occasional stalking client that is interested in having fresh liver for  a field breakfast.

Other item is a Scout Kelly Kettle ( which would cook as well ). Again carried in truck - if needing a hot drink etc. In addition, if killing time  with clients out in the field it gives them something to 'play with'.  It is incredibly effective - both as a water heater and distraction/ plaything! 

Highly recommend both, but likely not what you are looking for.

There are many good stoves out there. I liked the simplicity of the Emberlit and more importantly that it can be used without risk of embers falling on the ground. Other prefer extensibility and flexibility of stoves like the Honey Stove. A close competitor to Emberlit would be the Bushbox. (

I use a wood burning stove for the pleasure that an open fire gives. When I'm more in a hurry, then I use my Optimus butane stove or Trangia alcohol burner.

Gear geeks can combine any of these stoves with the powerpot ( in order to charge their phone/GPS.


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