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Hello from deep in the Highland Glen

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Hi All
Living & deer stalking here in the Highlands, navigation is important to me & where better to keep up to date!
Thanks for pointing me at the forum Oakleaf.
I currently run MemoryMap on PC & PDA to help stop me getting lost & make a record of my movements (backed up with good ol' map & compass of course).


Hi Ian, this first welcome is one from Belgium...
Out of curiosity: should I understand "deer stalking" as in hunting, or as in observing?


Hi Ian

And the second welcome to the forum is from another Ian. I hope you enjoy the forum - perhaps not as busy as some but certainly helpful, informative and convivial!


I'm not called Ian, but welcome anyway  :)

I loved the way you incriminated....  er I mean credited me with your joining.  I'm sure you will find it very informative and a real breath of fresh air in terms of polite internet discourse!

Lyle Brotherton:
Och the Highlands Yorric: yesterday I was sat in the brilliant sunshine above st Mary's Loch, looking at the folds of hills surrounding them and remembering doing the same at Loch Ewe, just a wee while ago, and thinking 'I need to get back to the Highlands soon, and before the midge!' Anyway, welcome aboard Yorric:)

PS For the other Trig Point afictionados, the Trig point at the north western top of Loch Ewe, by the observation tower, is the most intact I have seen in the UK. 


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