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Lyle Brotherton:

A couple of young guys I know have started to build an exciting business offering exploration trips. I first contacted Daniel Bouskila way back when putting together the UNM as I was keen to use some of his great mountain photos, whilst these images never made it into the book I got to know Daniel and have watched him turn a passion for the great outdoors into a career - respect :)

He started a small expedition business with is good friend and climbing partner, Chris Smorthit. Now having some expeditions under their belts they have taken that leap of faith and both gone full-time.

They offer some terrific expeditions, everything from summiting Mont Blanc to crossing Borneo, west to east Kalimantan.

So if you are feeling adventurous give the Boys a call on 0208 500 3323 or 07967 589 289

Check them out at


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