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Greetings from Iceland

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Pete McK:
Hadn't seen this website before Einar, thank you, it is really good :) When you come to Britain let us know and I will send the the places to see and visit where I live in the Lake District, England.

Hi Einar and welcome to this great forum.

We grabbed a weekend break last year, with Easyjet for£76 return for the two of us, and stayed in a B&B in Reykjavik. With the backdrop of snow-topped mountains we fell under the spell of this beautiful city, visiting a few museums and art galleries and at night saw some great live music: we will be back :)

As Pete Mck says, when you visit UK next we will point you in the right direction in England's most beautiful spot: The Lake District ;)

And a "warm" welcome from Belgium too Einar !

Lyle Brotherton:
Einarn, great to have you on board :)

HSSK are one of the best SAR teams I worked with during my six years of research and I encouraged my team, TVMRT, to twin with them because they have much to teach the world, not least the outstanding way you integrate into the community, in particular bringing under 18ís into the youth section of the team, so that when they are adults they not only join as full responders, but also HSSK has been a part of them growing up and part of their families life. I have never seen this practice outside of Iceland.

I have so many happy memories of my weeks in Iceland, you live in a fantastic environment and the Icelandic people are very friendly and welcoming, one story for the forum.

One very cold winters night evening I was leaving Siggi Sigurossonís house and Luka his daughter asked if she could come out to say goodbye to me. Without any in instructions from her parents she went into the cloakroom and put on her boots, hat, gloves and coat before she came out. She was just 3 years old at the time and I knew from when my kids were this age they would never have had such an in-built respect for the environment.

Having some fun with some of the guys (Siggi is on the left) whilst I was instructing them, they carried their handheld satnavs like this for many kiliometers  ;).


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