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MH17 300 miles off its usual path


Pete McK:
From today’s Daily Telegraph

The crashed MH17 flight took a route 300 miles to the north of its usual path, an aviation expert has said.

Robert Mark, a commercial pilot who edits Aviation International News Safety magazine, said that most Malaysia Airlines flights from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur normally travelled along a route significantly further south than the plane which crashed.

Malaysia Airlines has insisted its plane travelled on an "approved route" used by many other carriers.

But Mr Mark said: "I can only tell you as a commercial pilot myself that if we had been routed that way, with what's been going on in the Ukraine and the Russian border over the last few weeks and months, I would never have accepted that route.

"I went into the FlightAware system, which we all use these days to see where airplanes started and where they tracked, and I looked back at the last two weeks' worth of MH17 flights, which was this one.

Now ask yourself the all-important Cui bono question - Who benefits?

Would Putin or Russia benefit? Just the opposite.
Is Putin stupid? Just the opposite.
Who has the most to lose? Putin.
Finally, who benefits by fomenting war between Russia and the rest of the world?

Now let your mind wander back over some of the "false flag" operations of the last few years from Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq to babies being taken from their incubators in Kuwait and ask yourselves, "Is it real, or Memorex?"

Interesting isn’t it?

I remain slightly uncomfortable regards 'discussions' of this nature of such events - which at a bottom line see many, many families bereaved and in a fragile state.  I speak from unenviable personal experience.

The addition of conspiracy issues does nothing to help the bereaved in that regard.

Fact finding is important and it is crucial to discover what happened - on many levels.  No denying that.

I read with interest all that was written above - until the final sentences and the tin foil hat came out the closet!  ;)

Keep firmly in mind that the same Governmental entities that faked the moon landings, shot JFK, covered up Roswell, allowed Reptilians/ Illuminati into power etc etc, have repeated proved unable to order an effective computer system for the NHS with 300% of budget, are about to build a London to Birmingham rail link at a cost 400 times more than Indian developed an operational space programme,  invaded Granada - losing 4% of special forces personnel without contact with opposition forces and so on.

I've worked in Government - organising a surprise leaving do was stretching things!  :)

Investigation of facts by all means and at  the risk of sounding harsh; accepting that grieving relatives do not make the best rational campaigners - but I personally believe that the established and considered processes should be allowed to run and due time allowed to pass before the hobby conspiracists should be given media space.

The 'False Flag'  operations so glibly quoted actually turn on the rapaciousness of the press to 'make news' as opposed to reporting it.

I think the Telegraph display a rather silly lack of taste.

Pete McK:
I am wearing my tin hat with you Oakleaf about moon landings, shot JFK, covered up Roswell, allowed Reptilians/ Illuminati into power etc.

I also sincerely feel for your unenviable personal experience and in no way wish to minimise the importance of your words..

However, it was not the press but Tony Blair and his Cabinet who spoke publically about WMD and his compadre, George Bush, again to the press, stated that Iraqi soldiers were taking and killing babies from their incubators in Kuwait, after the testimony at the Congressional Human Rights on Capitol Hill by and Iraqi girl named Nayirah. It later transpired that she had been employed by a US PR firm and was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States.

In the words of a great American “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Peter - its Tin Foil - and it needs an earth lead for maximum effect  ;)

There's a depressing book - dont have to hand and cannot recall name or author - but covers US press 'collusion' with the Bush administration and the events regards Iraq etc - I'll look it out.

Think we're in agreement - just semantics on press n politics. I take the Edward De Bono view that the two are too closely interlinked to merit separate definition these days!


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