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UK SAR Helicopter Service


Lyle Brotherton:
As the start of the transition-in of the new UK SAR Helicopter Service approaches, the end of service is in sight for British military SAR flights across the country. When the first flight closes next March, it will be 62 years to the month since the world's first dedicated search and rescue helicopter units were formed. By that time, Fleet Air Arm helicopters had already saved hundreds of lives and captured the imagination of the general public both in the UK and abroad through their outstanding work during the North Sea floods of January 1953. Since that time, many thousands of people have been saved from suffering and death by British military helicopters

For the seventh year running, The Sun newspaper is running its Military Awards, aka The Millies 2014. Although much focus is centred on overseas conflict, there is a category highlighting outstanding service at home.

You might feel that this is the right time to highlight the service of RAF SAR Force and the Fleet Air Arm's SAR Helicopter units. If so, then here is the link to the internet page at the bottom of which you will find the online nomination form.

THERE ARE ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT!     Closes 31st October!


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