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In case anyone hasn't noticed BBC are showing Terry Abraham's excellent film - Life of a Mountain: A year on Scafell Pike, tomorrow (Wednesday) night BBC 4 at 21:00 and after that on iPlayer.

I've seen one of his films and it was really good. BBC web site says: 'A beautifully cinematic documentary following a year in the life of England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, through the eyes of the farmers who work the valleys and fells, those who climb the mountain for pleasure and those who try to protect its slopes. Filmed over a twelve-month period, it follows the seasons on the mountain from spring lambs through to winter snows. The contributions of the British Mountaineering Council and National Trust volunteers make clear the crucial importance of maintaining the landscape quality of England's highest peak for future generations.'

Alas, my cable operator does not offer BBC4 as part of the "standard channels"...  :(

I've seen it now and it's well worth a watch.
Beautifully filmed (I bet it would look great on a cinema screen), no overall narration but held together by very interesting snippets from locals - farmers, MRT, Alan Hinkes, Chris Townsend etc.
You could always try iplayer - it's available for the next 29 days.

Booygman is on the European Mainland I believe, so I don't think he can access BBC iPlayer.

It is available to purchase as a DVD though.

I believe the TV version we've seen recently, is an abridged version. Regarding Terry Abraham, one of my donations was a tiny part of the many many individuals who contributed to funding the making of his first film with Chris Towsend, about the Cairngorms in winter. In reality though, it appears that big sponsors (outdoor companies, among them) jumped in at the 11th hour with a major injection of funding because at one stage it didn't appear that the target amount was going to be met in time. It seemed that the major sponsoers were always there waiting in the wings, but understandably waited to see if individual donations could manage it first. Watched his Scafell one the other night on iPlayer after forgetting it was on TV.

Because he's devoted so much time and energy into his film projects now, I feel that his blog (the thing that I used to enjoy most) has suffered considerably in my opinion in terms of interesting posts because most are now related to notices / snippets about the film making and the rest somehow seem to lack the spirit of his earlier ones. It's just the way it goes.


--- Quote from: Locus on January 18, 2015, 09:43:19 PM ---Booygman is on the European Mainland I believe, so I don't think he can access BBC iPlayer.

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Correct assumption Locus !


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