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Baldy Goes Walking


Baldy Lee:
Greetings everyone.
Yep...I'm bald....and fat. Years of a sedentary lifestyle, through injury and family commitments (and a dose of laziness) have helped pile on the much so that I could keep a village of cannibals happy for a couple of weeks.
However at nearly 50 the Wife (Jean) and I've decided to get back to doing some walking with the aim, in a couple of years time, of walking up Ben Nevis.

Back in the 70's I was a Cub, Scout and then, in the 80's, a Venture Scout but what I learnt with a map and compass is long gone!
Living in a town (that likes to think it's a city) doesn't give us hills/mountains to hike up but we've got a decent canal footpath so at least we can get a properly long walk and it gives us time to practice with a map and compass; if we get lost we know we're not too far from civilization!

Looking forward to learning more from the people here and from my copy of Lyle's 'Ultimate Navigation Manual'.

Lost Soul:
Welcome to a very friendly and informative forum.

Baldy Lee:
Thank you.  ;D

And a welcome from me as well. This might not be the fastest moving forum but I've found it has some very knowledgeable members and you don't risk being verbally 'beaten up' for asking questions.

Baldy Lee:
Hi Ian,
No, it's not the fastest moving one but, and a big but, there is a wealth of good information here.....and that's what I need at the minute.


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